About Us

It is a universal truth that the early years of child development are most critical for the success in the future. Keeping this understanding as the base, Sadhbhavana’s The Toddler House was set up to provide little ones with a learning space that ensures proper care, attention and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities are provided for their holistic development. The Toddler Housestrive to meet the growing needs of the communities we serve by providing affordable, high-quality preschool and childcare program. The Toddler House offer exercises of practical life, sensorial activities, arithmetic, languages and social activities which help children develop their confidence, intelligence, social and emotional skills and motor skills, to make choices, become independent and to take charge of their own learning.

Our Curriculum


The Toddler House follows an international curriculum called “Whystles”. Whystles fosters the overall development of the child giving due importance for sixmajor areas of development – Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Problem Solving and Numeracy, Physical and Motor, Social and Emotional, Language Communication and Literacy, and Art Music and Design.

Whystles key focus is in building executive function and self-regulation skills in children through its activities. The curriculum also involves the usage of a variety of didactic materials that enhance understanding of concepts, and develops in children pre-math and pre-language skills. Besides, the curriculum follows theme based learning which helps children learn about self and the world around them.

The Methodology

The safe and child friendly environment provides children with the opportunity to explore and learn freely. Children have freedom of choice and movement. They are not forced to do any activity, but instead motivated and encouraged to try out new things. Utmost care is taken to build good habits and develop independence in children. Children are exposed to both individual and group that are mostly hands on, giving then learning opportunities that are very close to real life. These activities also help develop their social and emotional behaviour. Learning at The Toddler House happens in a completely play based way, making it fun and adventurous every step of the way.

At The Toddler House every child is considered as an individual and thus assessed individually. The assessment concentrates completely on their development milestones set in line with the UK based Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

Our Facilities.

  • Transportation

    The Toddler House provides transportation facilities in all major routes with monitors to take care of the children.

  • Day Care

    Open for children between the ages of 2 and 6.

  • Safe & Friendly Environment

    ​With a cosy, warm and homelike environment, The Toddler House is a safe haven for children where they can learn, play and explore in the best possible ways.

  • Full Time Security,Fully Air-conditioned Classroom,Spacious Play Area

Reach Us

  • Phone & E-mail

    Phone: 0495 2351652
    Mobile: 09446646464 (For Admissions)

  • Address

    Thondayad Bypass,Kodamolikunnu Rd,(Opp.Mazza Dine Restaurant),Nellikode Junction, Kozhikode-673 008
    Kerala - India